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Create the Right Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep.

To help ensure a good night’s sleep, make sure your bedroom is built to promote a healthy sleeping environment.

Make sure your room is dark. Dim the lights an hour before bed to help your body prepare for sleep. The quality of your sleep is related to both outdoor and indoor light. Light is the major synchronizer of your “master clock”, the group of cells in the brain that are essential for the temporal organization of our sleeping and wake patterns. To help promote a sleep-inducing environment, lower the volume of outside or “white” noise with earplugs, dim the light with blackout shades, or an eye mask, and keep the room well ventilated.

Establish a Soothing Pre-Sleep Routine. Whether you like to read, take a bath, watch TV, or practice relaxation exercises, engaging in soothing activities before bed will help you to ease into the transition of wake time to sleep time. Avoid stressful stimulating activities like work, discussing emotional issues, and anything that requires increasing alertness.

Choose colors that are soothing and make sure your bedroom is clean and  uncluttered. There are certain colors, like blue, that evoke a relaxation response. Soft hues of pink, olive, navy or eggplant are gentle, clean and optimistic, and neutral tones like gray and green are calming and create a serene atmosphere.  View our organic sheets.

Maintain an ideal temperature between 60 degrees and 67 degrees. Intense heat and humidity make it impossible to sit comfortably, let alone sleep through the night. Keep your bedroom at the optimum sleep temperature – roughly between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose cotton, silk or polyester or light-colored sheets made of lightweight cotton sheets for cooler night.

Exercise Early. Exercise stimulates the body to secrete the stress hormone cortisol, which helps activate the alerting mechanism in the brain. Try to limit strenuous activity at least three hours before bed.

Select a mattress, pillows and sheets that are comfortable. The average person spends a third of his or her life sleeping and low-quality, uncomfortable mattresses have been linked to sleep discomfort and chronic pain. When buying a mattress, the most important consideration is personal comfort. So it is important to choose your comfort level and understand what type of mattress is right for you.

Innerspring systems Innerspring mattresses are characterized by a coiled metal springs layered between sheets of foam and padding. The series of springs or coils are connected, continuous, or pocketed and these beds are upholstered in various fabrics.

Memory Foam Mattresses. A memory foam mattress is designed to offer even support all over your body as it molds to the shape of your body while you sleep. A memory foam mattress offers superior support due to the contouring support and pressure point relief provided.

When comparing the memory foam and innerspring mattresses, the real question remains; which type of mattress is best for you?

Firm vs. Plush. The decision to choose a soft, medium for firm mattress depends entirely on your body type and the level of support you desire. Mattresses descried as “extra firm, firm, plush, ultra plush” denotes how hard or soft the mattress actually is. Mattresses with in between features like “cushion firm”, “pillow-top” or firm mattress that have extra padding on the sides and top or a pillow-top makes the mattress softer when you lay on it, yet they are still firm enough to provide support where you need it most. Softness, support and size are three important attributes to consider when buying a mattress.

Pillows.Like the choice of a mattress, the choice of a pillow is a very personal matter. The right pillow will support you in just the right places and should keep your head in line with your back and spine. Since the human neck curves slightly forward, it’s important to maintain this curve when in a resting position.

Memory Foam Pillow. A memory foam pillow will relieve pressure, provide special ventilation to improve air circulation, and in warmer weather, remains cool and dry at night. Made of 10% visco-elastic foam, it is ideal for back and side sleepers and its contoured shape allows for an ergonomically correct sleeping posture.

Micro Latex Pillow. A micro latex pillow will cradle your head in complete comfort and is suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers. This luxurious pillow sleeps cooler because of its breathable fabric and the filling which improves air circulation and has natural antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. 

Comforter Sets and Bedding Accessories. We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the right comforter set and bedding for your bedroom. Indulge yourself in the contemporary comfort of 100% cotton sateen sheets, show off your unique style with comforter sets that feature modern color palettes, geometric quilting and prints. Complement your existing home décor with throw pillows, a floral valance or a 5-piece daybed ensemble.