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A Tablet & A Massage Chair. Introducing the Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair.

We live in a society where there is a need or desire to constantly be connected. Ogawa has acknowledged that desire and put a tablet literally into the arm of your massage chair. With the Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair you are not only going to have complete control of your chair at your finger tips but also unlimited access to the internet and your favorite apps.

Being labeled the first intelligent smart chair this chair has a lot to live up to. When you first glance at the chair you can’t help but notice the tablet attached right above the arm rest. Many massage chairs have remotes that look very advance, but nothing is going to top this.

An android based system is running in the tablet. This will create a familiar interface for many users. A pre-installed Smart 3D app is what controls the chair, and also allows you to run a diagnostics check if a problem may arise. Touch screen navigation makes customizing your massage easy, and lets you see all the other options you can choose from. Unlimited user profiles means that the whole family can jump in the chair for a quick massage, without having to spend the first few minutes adjusting it into the right position. The ability to update the app via wireless technology ensures that your chair will last a long time and evolve into something even greater.

The fancy tablet attached to the arm will catch your eye, but what will really be mind blowing is the 3D Smart Roller Technology. The dual head 3D rollers are designed to mimic human hands. The 3D rollers are able to massage over 3” deep to create a deep tissue massage experience that is bound to get all the knots out. The 6 various techniques that the chair can use is going to create an experience that will leave you feeling completely refreshed.

Ogawa has kept their eye on the importance of technology in our lives and has intergraded it into a massage chair. While observing current technology trends they have also tried to blur the line between massage chair and masseuse. It could make someone wonder, what else could they possibly come up with?